McKinley Onua & Associates, LLP is a New York City firm with a concentration in criminal defense, employment discrimination (including sexual harassment and retaliation), labor law, bankruptcy law, real estate litigation, construction law, family law, civil rights law, medical malpractice and personal injury law. McKinley Onua & Associates will investigate every aspect of your claim and provide you with superior representation and legal advice. We are equipped with the resources that are necessary to litigate all types of cases, regardless of size and complexity.

Our attorneys are experienced, successful and committed to excellence in their respective practice areas. They are also personable, knowledgeable, and effective in dealing with complex legal matters. Our goal is to maintain constant communication with our clients and successfully counsel them through their emotionally taxing and financially challenging situations.

Moreover, the firm is dedicated to community development, and allots time to pro bono services and community-based projects. We welcome inquiries and generously provide a wealth of information to individuals, businesses and our communities.